Testing & Licensing

Heard that the Florida Real Estate Exam is hard? Worried that you won’t pass?

Get answers, then get excited about your future!

What Is The Florida Real Estate Test Like?

It’s not easy, but with our help, you CAN do this! The test is 100 questions, and you have 3.5 hours in which to complete it. You’ll need to demonstrate knowledge, understanding and application of real estate principles and practices, real estate law, and real estate mathematics. 75% is the passing score, and the costs are $36.75 (registration) plus $57.25 (fingerprinting).


You may have heard of people who failed the exam – in fact, in August of 2023, only 49% of Florida test-takers were able to pass it on the first try. What if that happens to you? This is where choosing the right school matters: Beachfront Real Estate School is here for you until you pass! You’ll have unlimited access to the materials, as well as our licensed Instructor. You may retake the state exam as many times as you need to (you’ll have to pay each time), and your eligibility lasts for a full two years after you finish the course.

How Do I Get & Maintain My License?

Once you pass the Florida Sales Associate (Agent) Exam, you’ll find a Broker to work for. You’ll apply for & activate your license (the fee is $83.75). The license is good for 18-24 months (depending on when you get your license), at which point you’ll take a 45-hour post-license course. After the first post-license renewal, you’ll take 14 hours of Continuing Education every two years to maintain your license. Much more info is available on our Frequently Asked Questions page.