Frequently Asked Questions

What you need to know

How Much Does It Cost To Get A Real Estate License?

Our Online Course ranges from $49 to $99 depending on the chosen package (no hidden fees!), then you’ll pay $36.75 to register for the state exam, $57.25 for fingerprinting, and $83.75 for the license application fee. You can be a licensed Real Estate Agent for less than $260!

What Do The Terms Mean: Sales Associate, Agent, Realtor, Broker?

In Florida, Real Estate Agents are technically called “Sales Associates”. A Realtor is a Sales Associate who is a member of the National Association of Realtors, and a Broker is someone who has their own agency or works independently (you must be a Sales Associate for 2 years, working under a Broker, before you can become a Broker yourself).

When Can I Start The Course?

Since our course is entirely online, you can begin as soon as you pay for registration.

How Long Does It Take To Complete The Course?

It’s a 63-hour Course, so working on it 2 hrs/day allows you to finish in about 5 weeks. However, your course NEVER expires, so you have as long as you need!

Is There A Course Final Exam?

Yes, you’ll need to pass the 100-question exam with at least a 70% score, in order to pass the Course. If you fail the exam, State law requires that you wait 30 days before taking it again.

Do You Offer Any Guarantee?

Yep, in fact, two of them! First, we have a 30-day Money-Back Guarantee: if you’re not happy with the course for any reason, we’ll give you a full refund in the first 30 days. And more importantly, we guarantee that we’re here to help until you PASS the exam! Pay for the course one time, and we’ll support you until you succeed.

What Happens If I Fail The State Exam?

You have two years in which to pass the State Exam, and you may take it as many times as you need to in order to pass (you’ll pay $36.75 for each attempt). Most importantly your RE School Course isn’t “over” until you pass the exam – we’re here to help you until you succeed!

Does Beachfront Real Estate School Have A Facebook Page?

Indeed we do! Click here to check it out!

Is Beachfront Real Estate School Licensed By The State Of Florida?

Absolutely! Click here for info on our license. Hundreds of students have taken our state-approved course so far!

Where Do I Take The State Exam, and How Do I Schedule It?

The State of Florida has contracted with Pearson VUE to provide testing, either in-person or online. Testing centers include Orlando, St. Petersburg, Boynton Beach, Coral Gables, Oakland Park, Ormand Beach, Fort Myers, Lake Mary, Gainesville, Melbourne, Jacksonville, Sarasota, Miami, Lakeland, Pensacola, Fort Myers, Tallahassee, Doral, Tampa, Ft. Lauderdale, and Hollywood.

What Topics Are On The State Exam?

The examination consists of questions covering nineteen content areas.

  1. Real Estate Business (1%)
  2. License Law and Qualifications for Licensure (6%)
  3. Real Estate License Law and Commission Rules (2.%)
  4. Authorized Relationships, Duties, and Disclosures (7%)
  5. Real Estate Brokerage Activities and Procedures (12%)
  6. Violations of License Law, Penalties, and Procedures (2%)
  7. Federal and State Laws Pertaining to Real Estate (4%)
  8. Property Rights: Estates, Tenancies, Condominiums, Cooperatives, Community Development Districts, Homeowner Associations, and Time-Sharing (8%)
  9. Titles, Deeds, and Ownership Restrictions (7%)
  10. Legal Descriptions (5%)
  11. Real Estate Contracts (12%)
  12. Residential Mortgages (9%)
  13. Types of Mortgages and Sources of Financing (4%)
  14. Real Estate Related Computations and Closing of Transactions (6%)
  15. Real Estate Markets and Analysis (1%)
  16. Real Estate Appraisal (8%)
  17. Real Estate Investments and Business Opportunity Brokerage (2%)
  18. Taxes Affecting Real Estate (3%)
  19. Planning and Zoning (1%)
Is It Difficult To Find An Agency To Work For? Does Beachfront Real Estate School Offer Job Placement?

Agencies are always looking for new Sales Associates. We won’t abandon you once you pass the test – we’ll help ensure that you get connected with a great agency!

Can I Do Real Estate Part-time?

Definitely! Most agencies welcome part-time agents, and it’s nice to have an income from a “day job” until you build up your Real Estate business.

What Can I Do With A Real Estate License?

The Sales Associate license enables you to be a “Real Estate Agent”, so you may represent Buyers & Sellers of Residential or Commercial Real Estate. Many people specialize in one or the other.

Does My Florida License Work In Other States?

No, real estate licenses are state-specific, but Florida does have reciprocity with 8 other states: Alabama, Arkansas, Connecticut, Georgia, Illinois, Mississippi, Nebraska and Rhode Island. For those states, you’ll generally only need to pass the state portion of their exam, not the national portion, and you won’t have to take a pre-license course. For all other states, you would take the pre-license course and full exam, just as you would for Florida.

Does Beachfront Real Estate School Offer Continuing Education?

Yes, we do! You’ll need to take a 45-hour Post-license Course within 18-24 months of getting your license, then 14 hours of Continuing Education every 2 years after that. We’ll send you reminders, and all of our courses are available all-online.

What Are Some Personality Traits Of Successful Agents?
  • Problem solver mindset: Successful agents know how to stage a home to make it more marketable and attract the right buyers. They also know how to create home descriptions for the MLS listings that help people see themselves in the home.
  • Self-motivated: Real Estate agents have control over their professional goals and will get out of Real Estate what they put in. If you’re naturally self-driven, then Real Estate is perfect for you!
  • Honesty and Integrity: Your reputation is critical to your success as a Real Estate agent. Having strong morals and adhering to a strict code of ethics will contribute to your success.
  • Hustle and Tenacity: A great work ethic is crucial to being a successful Real Estate Agent. You must have the tenacity to follow every lead and the hustle to market aggressively. Work smarter, not harder.
  • Interest in Housing and Architecture: Having a keen interest in houses and architecture can give you an edge over other agents and salespersons. Showing your knowledge and interest through discussions with your clients will make it apparent that you are in an industry that you love.
  • Charming Personality: Real Estate agents don’t just sell properties – they sell themselves. If you have an engaging personality, are honest, and personable with your clients, you will find success. Show your confidence in your talents and your clients will respond positively.
  • Keen Attention to Detail: Paying close attention to the minute details is crucial to the success of any Real Estate agent. Be organized, follow through on leads, communicate well, and pay attention to your clients’ needs and wants.
  • Knowledgeable: Stay updated on the latest in housing trends and the local market. This will allow you to serve your clients more effectively and efficiently. Keeping up-to-date with continuing education and professional development will allow you to expand your brand and stay ahead of the competition.