Getting A Florida Real Estate License

You’re probably just starting to research what it would take to get your Real Estate License. You’ve seen other people enjoying the flexibility, independence, and opportunity of being a Real Estate Agent, and you’re wondering if it’s a good choice for you.

It’s true that being a Real Estate Agent can be incredibly rewarding – helping people to find their dream home, generating unlimited income, and having control over your schedule make Real Estate an ideal career for some people.

It’s challenging as well. You’ll have to work hard and make some sacrifices along the way. But if you’re willing to do what it takes, you can do this!

What’s the process for getting a license?

Take The Course

Take & pass the 63-hour Pre-license Sales Associate Course.

Register For The Exam

Get fingerprinted and register online for the State & National Exam.

Pass The Exam

Take the 100-question multiple-choice exam online or in-person.

Find A Broker

Almost every agency is hiring these days. We’ll help you through the process!

What type of course is best for you?

Different schools offer the course in a variety of formats: in-person, live webinar, or on-demand. If you happen to have in-person classes nearby, it’s nice to be part of a group of students. Live webinars mean you don’t have to drive to class, but you’re still on someone else’s schedule. On-demand courses allow you to go at your own pace, but they traditionally have low success rates because there’s no accountability to an instructor.

Our courses are entirely online and on-demand, and are offered in three Packages (Basic, Plus, and Ultimate) to accommodate varying needs and budgets. Regardless of the tier chosen, you’ll have access to a licensed instructor, we will closely track and celebrate your progress, and you’ll enjoy the convenience of online learning. Choose your preferred package and get started on your new career… today!


Best value


Now only $49

 Recently updated 63-hr online course
Audio recording of the entire textbook
600+ slides illustrating key points
Access to a licensed instructor
30-day Money-Back Guarantee


Now only $79

Everything from Basic Pkg, and...
Hardcopy textbook (shipping included)
Access to 3D Virtual Reality Campus
15-min 1-on-1 Onboarding Session


Now only $99

Everything from Plus Pkg, and...
Exam Prep Course
Simulation Test
Job placement assistance

Why so cheap?

If you’ve done any looking around, you’ll see that our prices are MUCH lower than other schools. The reason is simple: we’re new, and we know that we have to practically give away the course to build up a base of happy customers! But our textbook and curriculum are proven – there are thousands of active Real Estate Agents throughout Florida who used our materials to pass the State Exam!

What Our Graduates Say

Roger Wuogha

“The course really gets you ready to pass the state exam on a first try if you put in a little bit of effort. It’s also very easy to talk to Scott or one of the real estate teachers there when you don’t understand a topic.” ~ Roger Wuogha, The Keyes Company

Eve Newsom

“Beachfront Real Estate School was the first step I took towards starting my career and it was a great experience! It was extremely organized which allowed me to easily navigate through the lessons. I truly appreciate the sincerity and encouragement BRES provides to its students!” ~ Eve Newsom, The Jennifer Kenna Home Selling Team – EXP Realty

James Jones

“Beachfront Real Estate School provided me with all the tools necessary to prepare myself for the State Exam which I passed on my first attempt. Everything from the Materials provided, Virtual Campus, and the most helpful part for myself was the notes provided for each chapter that helped simplify the information.” ~ James Jones, Cornerstone Coastal Properties

What should you watch out for when choosing a school?

You may know someone who started Real Estate School, but never got their license. (Or maybe that’s you!) As you’re doing your research, here are some important considerations…

"Pass or Don't Pay" Guarantees

You may see guarantees that promise you’ll pass the exam, or get your money back. If you look closer, these schools aren’t based in Florida (like we are), since it’s ILLEGAL to give a money-back guarantee if you fail the Florida exam! However, we DO guarantee that you won’t have to pay to repeat the course – you may take it as many times as you need to, at no extra charge!

Limited Time To Complete

Many schools only give you 6 months to complete the course. They might claim that it’s to “give you a deadline” so that you’ll actually get the course done. We think there’s a better way – we’re in frequent, personal contact with you, celebrating your progress and holding you accountable (as much or as little as you request) until you finish the course. You won’t find this level of personal service anywhere else!

Lack Of Focus On Licensing

If you haven’t seen other school websites yet, prepare to be confused – many of them offer pre-licensing, post-licensing, continuing education, appraisal, CAM, mortage, insurance… NONE of which will help YOU pass the State Exam. We do ONE thing as if our life depends on it – becuase it does! (Well, the life of our business, anyway.) That focus enables us to continually improve on what is already the best pre-license education available!

Thousands Of Practice Questions

At first, it seems logical: if you want to get good at answering questions about Real Estate, you should practice answering questions about Real Estate, right? Yes, to an extent. But some schools make questions the focus of their curriculum, and try to convince you that the sheer volume of questions is beneficial. Do you really WANT to answer thousands of quiz questions?! Or would you rather study well-written material which explains the concepts clearly, then check your understanding via carefully-crafted practice questions, and move on? We thought so. 🙂

Unusually High Pass Rates

The State of Florida doesn’t publish pass rates on a per-school basis. So some schools do a nifty trick, talking about their “course success rate” – which simply means the percentage of students who passed their course exam. Technically, the pass rate on our course exam is 100%, because we don’t give up on you until you succeed in passing it! But we don’t advertise it that way, because we want to be transparent and honest. We think you prefer that.

Lots Of Students = You're "Just A Number"

This is probably the most important difference between BRES and other schools. We’re small (because we’re new), which means that we’re FANATICAL about helping you to pass the exam. Our team has helped thousands of students to pass the exam over the years, but BRES is built on brand-new technology, so we wanted to “start fresh”. We hope you’ll become one of our success stories!

Before spending money on a Real Estate License Course, join us for a FREE 20-minute Webinar. We’ll review the process of getting a license, explain why so many people fail the exam, and answer every question you can think of!